Thursday, May 24, 2012

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{pretty big mess}

I'm going through the painful process of organizing and slimming down Madeline and Ellie's outgrown clothing.  I simply can't save everything for Ellie and Katie.  The clothes were starting to take over my bedroom.  So far I've managed to reduce the clothing by about two totes.  Since the girls will be wearing uniforms come September, I've determined that we simply have way too much clothing.


Madeline loves hanging out with Katie and making her smile.  Madeline decided to sit Katie on the steps to wait for Ellie to come home from school.  To keep her happy, she made funny sounds to entertain Katie.


Katie always falls asleep in the funniest positions on her daddy.  I love how her cubby arms and legs are just draping around Bryan's belly. (Ignore my messy couch, I was busy with VBS stuff before Bryan sat in my seat with Katie who promptly fell asleep.)

Ellie is such a goofball sometimes.  She found these bunny slippers [which she outgrew years ago] in the hand me down explosion in my basement and kept posing with them for silly pictures.  Sometimes you just have to go with it.

Madeline and Ellie went in the yard on Sunday to practice some soccer skills.  Minutes later both came in the house freaking out that we had a snake in the yard.  Madeline kicked her ball at what she thought was a piece of rope only to find out that the rope was a little snake who wasn't too happy to be beaned with a ball.  Bryan and I ran out to check it out since Madeline's description had this little guy made out to be rattle snake sized.  I chased him all over the yard trying to get a few pictures of him.  I named him Snakey and now the girls keep asking if Snakey has come out from his hiding spot under the shed.  Either they're scared of him, or the cute name now has them interested in our newest backyard pet.
round button chicken

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