Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick Takes Volume 37

Will you laugh if I tell you that I'm just getting around to compiling my quick takes post from last week?  After setting up the numbers last Friday morning, I got distracted with other things and the post I wanted to do last week was never written.

I've spent the past week trying to organize the girls' outgrown clothing.  I think it's possible that this task will take another week or two.  Madeline and Ellie are not pleased that I took over the basement playroom so that I could go through all of the clothes.
As sad as this sounds, I have spent the past week mourning and bemoaning the fact that I gave away the majority of the girls clothes in sizes 0-3T years ago.  I realized last Saturday that I had saved only a few outfits for 18 months through 3T and that many of my favorites were given away.  For several years we were "done" having kids and then I had one of those smacked upside the head by the Holy Spirit moments three years ago at Mass, and life has been very different ever since.  I guess to put it all in a proper perspective, I'd rather be without the cute outfits and have that adorable baby girl than have the cute outfits and have no one to wear them.
To console myself about the cute outfits that I'll never see again for Katie, I did a little retail therapy this week.  Yesterday I brought two darling dresses on clearance for next year from Janie and Jack, and today I dragged all three girls to Gymboree and bought four more dresses for Katie for next spring and summer along with an outfit for her to wear now.  I'm thrilled that I got five outfits at Gymboree for under $40.  
It looks like we might get to swim in our pool this weekend.  The warm temperatures we've had these past few days combined with our awesome solar ringshas raised our water temperature up to 80 degrees!  If we can get to 82 I won't complain that it's too cold to swim.  
Madeline and Ellie spent most of today bickering.  These girls will bicker about anything and everything.  I was mortified when Ellie started yelling at Madeline in the Carter's store this morning.  I made the situation so much better [<-insert sarcasm here] when I loudly told her that if she did it again I was going to leave her at the store and never come back.  Moms with children under age three will look at you like you're a monster when you say such things because they simply haven't had to live with two children who think they know it all.  Ellie and Madeline just looked at me with that look that says they know I can't leave them at the store.  I think they like to push me to the brink of insanity.  Only fourteen more days of school until summer vacation.  It's going to be grand!
I'm in the process of reviewing two Roomba vacuums.  I wasn't sure I was going to like them, but so far I'm loving them.  I have onecleaning the main level of the house every morning and the otheris taking care of the upstairs.  I typically vacuum the main level of the house regularly, but I hardly ever get upstairs with the vacuum.  I love that I can just press a button and have the bedroom floors taken care of.  I feel like I'm on the Jestons with these little robots cleaning the floors for me.  Best of all the girls are now picking up all the little choking hazards they like to leave on their floors because they don't want the robot to get them.  

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  1. Hi Karen,

    Organizing children's clothing can be a lot of work. So necessary yet time consuming. Sorry to hear that some of your favorite clothes were given away but retail therapy is always fun! Especially if there is a great deal to be had!

    I've never heard of a Roomba vacuum before. Sounds interesting. I'm a book reviewer but didn't know one can review appliances?? Is it worth doing?


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