Thursday, May 17, 2012

Small Successes May 17th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. Early in Advent last year I went into the basement playroom and pretty much tossed anything that wasn't put where it belonged in trash bags.  Most of it was donated within days of me picking it up, but I had a Rubbermaid tote that was filled with some items that were mostly items that I didn't want to toss or donate.  Earlier this week I finally got sick of seeing it every time I passed by it on my way into the laundry room and sorted it.  Most of it is now bagged up to be donated and a small container has the items we're keeping.  They still need to be put back where they belong, but I'm not incredibly motivated to sort it at the moment.

2.  I'm close to having all the volunteers I need for this year's VBS.  Even better, the program is nearly at max capacity.  There are about 16 spaces left before I will have to close registration.

3.  I managed to remember that I bought an outfit for Katie back in December that she can wear now.  Somehow it got mixed up with the winter clothes I bought for this up coming fall/winter.  I'm not sure how I forgot I had bought the outfit for her, but I'm glad I remembered because I'm not sure how much longer she's going to fit in 6-12 month clothes.  She's already too big for 9 month clothes and some of her 6-12 month outfits are getting snug.  I wish she'd slow down!  She's only seven months old and already she's about the same size that Madeline was at a year old.

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