Friday, October 14, 2011

Quick Takes Volume 17

I'm still continually surprised that I'm still pregnant.  I was so certain that I'd deliver by 38 weeks and here I am at 40 weeks 5 days and I'm beginning to think I'm going to remain pregnant until at least this Wednesday when I have my next appointment with the midwife.
I went for the non stress test over at the hospital today.  The baby was very cooperative and thrashed about so they got to see what she's like when she's active.  They also did an ultrasound to measure the level of amniotic fluid.  From what I understand everything looks good with the baby but they were concerned about my blood pressure.  I'm usually around 120/80 and today I was 136/88 when I was what I thought was perfectly relaxed and calm.  The maternal fetal medicine tech/nurse was very concerned about it.  I'll be repeating the non stress test and ultrasound again on Tuesday morning if I haven't had the baby by then.
I got confirmation that we are having a girl during the ultrasound this morning.  The images that I saw were clear and defined enough that I have no worries about cutting all the tags off the new clothes and washing them now.  
I received a phone call from the middle school principal today and am very happy that she addressed the issue from Wednesday's bus incident.  The boy who cut Madeline with the umbrella and bent her glasses will thankfully no longer be sitting next to her.  Now I just need to get Madeline's glasses fixed.
I'm still fretting about Madeline's midterm F in her world languages class (This grade is based on one and only one pop quiz).  For some odd reason her class, which meets twice a week, never met at all this week.  So she wasn't able to ask the teacher what she could do to help raise her grade.  I'm rather annoyed that the teacher also has not responded to Bryan's email regarding this situation.
One of my "little" cousins is getting married today and sadly I can't go to the wedding.  The wedding is about an hour away from here at 4pm in a location that would find us fighting about 2 hours of rush hour traffic to head home if I were to go into labor a the wedding.  Bryan and several other people think that it's too risky for me to chance going, so I'll be staying home.  I've been looking forward to going to this wedding since I got the save the date card about a week before I discovered we were expecting.  I never dreamed that I wouldn't make it to the wedding.  I've known since February that I wouldn't be going to the reception, but I had assumed all along that I'd make it to the wedding and would just bring the kids with us.  Clearly all of my planning ahead amounted to nothing.
For the second year in a row our pumpkins have spoiled before Halloween even arrived.  We went to the pumpkin patch almost two weeks ago and two of the pumpkins are now covered in mold.  Last year I figured it happened because we had a lot of crazy weather where it would be super hot one day and very chilly the next.  We also had the pumpkins sitting on the front porch.  This year I decided to store the pumpkins in the garage and the same thing wound up happening to them.  So now I'll have to go out and buy some new pumpkins.  Maybe I should get the artificial ones that you can carve or paint.  At least those won't spoil and they'll probably cost about the same amount if I can get them on sale.
Speaking of Halloween.  Did you know that it's nearly impossible to get a newborn sized costume two and a half weeks before Halloween?

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