Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's A Bit Like the Way I Dress a Baby

My biggest failing as a mom with a baby or child who cannot dress herself is properly putting on tops and dresses that go over the head.  No matter what I do, the poor child's head always winds up missing the hole and hitting fabric.  It's not because I have big headed children, but rather that I simply lack the knowhow to properly put a shirt on a little kid without making it an ordeal.  It's no wonder that prior to being able to dress themselves that the kids would happily toddle off to Bryan to have him dress them.

The baby is finding out early what this getting dressed by mom scenario will be like.  At present time her head is lower than my very posterior cervix.  The midwife described it as putting on a shirt and hitting the fabric instead of the neck hole of the shirt.  When we heard this Bryan and I couldn't help but laugh.  This poor baby is going to know very well what that's like!

This head lower than the cervix situation is the reason why every labor inducing thing we've tried has not worked.  That pretty much means that we simply need to wait until this little one is ready to make her grand entrance.  The midwife tells me that once I go into labor everything will move to where it needs to be.  She thinks that things will move very fast once I'm in labor.  Currently I'm 75% effaced and 3-4cm dilated (I've never gotten to 4cm on my own so I'm surprised and a bit excited about that.).  Oh, and I have a bulging bag of water.

I'm happy to hear that I have at least progressed.  I also feel a lot better knowing that the reason nothing we tried put me into labor is because of something we simply cannot control.

At present time the midwife thinks the baby is no bigger than 7 1/2 pounds.  I have been starting to worry that I'm going to deliver a 10lb baby since I've never been pregnant this long.  I feel a little better knowing that the midwife doesn't think she's anywhere near that big.

I'm simply biding my time now and wondering when the big day will arrive.  I just hope we're prepared and ready when it happens.  I've stocked up on necessities that we will need several times now and the whole exercise is beginning to seem futile.  Really, who am I kidding?  I know I'll have to trek out to the store for something a day or two after we come home from the hospital.  That's just the way life is around here.

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