Saturday, October 1, 2011

October and No Baby Yet

[SIGH] I honestly never thought I'd make it to October and still be pregnant.  I'm actually quite shocked that this little one has not sought a place with more leg room to call home.  At this point I'm really hoping that she will decide to be born very soon.

Personally, I think that today would be the perfect day for her to make her entrance.  For one, it's her godfather's birthday.  How neat would that be?  It's also the feast day of St. Therese who just happens to be a patron saint of this little one.  St. Therese, please pray that our little one who will bear your name as her middle name will be born today.  Ever since I got Bryan to agree to Therese as the baby's middle name I've  had this sneaking suspicion that she would be born on St. Therese's feast day.  Initially, I wasn't happy about this because I thought it was October 2nd (nothing like missing the NJ school cut off date by one day).  I was quite surprised when I realized earlier today that I had the dates for the Guardian angel and St. Therese feast days mixed up.

I'm past trying labor inducing remedies at this point.  None of them have worked.  My feet and hands are painfully swollen, even if they look like nothing compared to other pregnant women.  I honestly can't keep doing hour long walks.  I'm not about to try another remedy that requires me to consume something I otherwise would not.  I've simply moved onto hoping to exploit my lactose intolerance, which seems to vanish while I'm pregnant.  If a delicious milkshake or a coffee topped with whipped cream doesn't put me into labor then I guess nothing will.

After putting the girls to bed several hours ago I went into the baby's closet and removed all the outfits that were intended for very hot days.  I doubt Ellie's old sunsuits will be needed.  I left a few short sleeved dresses and outfits in the closet, but all the sleeveless items are out.  The realization that this baby will not be here for even a single day in September had finally sunk in.

Plans for today include going to two soccer games, possibly going for a hayride to pick pumpkins, and hopefully restocking all the food and household items I stocked up on three weeks ago in anticipation of the baby's arrival that are now gone or almost gone.

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