Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lets call it a day.

It's not even 3PM and I realize there are still nine hours left in the day, but can we just call it a day now?  Because I'm a pain in the butt sometimes and I like to overanalyze things I led myself to be upset with my husband late last night over something that shouldn't have been an issue in the first place.  My pointlessly feeling offended kept me, and him, up until 1:30 in the morning.  So much for getting to be early.  Four and a half hours later I was up and getting myself and the girls ready for 7:30 Mass.

The girls and I got to Mass early so their obsessive compulsive mother could sit in her usual spot. (Man, I need help!)  Once the Mass began Ellie started in on her let's see what I can do to irritate Mommy routine.  I can't recall the last time she behaved so poorly.

When Mass was over it was time to head over to the parish school to set up for my CCD class.  Ellie continued her irritate Mommy routine for another 15 minutes.  Bryan mercifully picked up Madeline before my class began. (He planned to sleep in while the girls and I were at Mass, but the dog had other plans and woke him up as soon as we left.  I think this proves that God has a sense of humor.)  Bryan was also able to get Ellie to stop misbehaving.

My class went well today, but it was not without some challenges.  The other kindergarten CCD class was merged with mine because of the small class sizes and the need for a teacher for another grade.  So my class is now a little larger.  Today's class was a bit rocky, but overall it went well.

I had a spell of total forgetfulness and discovered when I got home that I let my iTouch and speakers in the class room.  I wound up needing to run back and grab them.  I've left small stuff behind in the past but never something like that.  I think I need to create a checklist so I can make sure I have everything going forward.

The girls soccer games went well.  Madeline played a good game today and had a lot of fun playing.  I sat on the sidelines and cheered for and against her team.  I know several of the girls who are on the opposing team so I spent the entire game cheering for kids on both teams.  I bet some of the parents who don't know me think I was crazy or confused.  Ellie's game went well, too.  Bryan coached her today and told me that she had several good moments during the game where she had the ball.  I'm happy anytime she even kicks the ball so I love hearing that she's getting in there with the other kids and trying to be part of the game.  I only got to see her play for a couple of minutes since her game was at the same time as Madeline's.

Now that all our obligations for the day are out of the way I'm ready to call it a day.  I'm tired and feel like I have so much work ahead of me.  I need to rework things for my CCD class, blog about today's class on my religious education blog, and get things ready for  school tomorrow.  I suppose what I really need is a nap.  I just don't know if one is in my future or if it's practical given how much I need to do.

Monday, I'm ready for you.  Bring it!

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