Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Review: The Catholic Homeschool Companion

Currently I'm in the process of deciding whether or not homeschooling is the path I'm going to take for educating my children.  Currently one child is in a private school and the other is enrolled in the local public school.  For years now, I have felt a strong pull to homeschool so I figured it might be beneficial for me to learn more about homeschooling.  The Catholic Homeschool Companion has been a wonderful book for answering questions I have about homeschooling.

The book is a collection of essays written by forty-three authors on a wide range of homeschool topics.  The book is divided into eleven chapters each of which covers a specific topic.  Perhaps you're new to homeschooling or are like me and are trying to decide if it's right for your family.  You can page through the contents and find the chapters that hone in on your most pressing questions or concerns.  Prior to reading this,  I felt pretty confident that I can, in fact, homeschool my children, but I was not sure that I could do so into the high school years.  After reading this book and many of it's edifying essays, I no longer feel that homeschooling for  high school would be totally out of the question.  Maybe you struggle with homeschooling your children and maintaing your home.  There's a chapter that can offer you insight and support in this book.

Overall, I found this book to be an incredibly helpful reference.  You can read this book cover to cover, like I did, or you can jump around to the chapters or essays that specifically target a particular aspect of homeschooling.  This book is filled with valuable insight and wisdom from veteran homeschooling parents.  Should I decide to make the decision to jump into the world of homeschooling next year, I feel confident that I can do it.  And if I hit a snag? I'm certain that I can turn to this book and find some support.  I highly recommend this book to those who are interested in learning more about homeschooling or those who already homeschool.

I was provided with a complimentary copy of The Catholic Homeschool Companion by the publisher, Sophia Institute Press in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Glad you liked it! I wrote a couple of the essays in it (none of the high school essays). I have five children, and three of them have gone on to college after being homeschooled through high school (two are still at home). Two are now in graduate school, one undergrad. I'd advise one year at at time, and see how things go.
    When we started, my husband was reluctant but though we could try it for elementary school. He was sure they'd go back to "regular school" for high school. He's very happy now we homeschooled all the way through. But every family has different circumstances and different answers.


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