Monday, June 14, 2010

Pre-dinner Invasion

I'm not a fan of drop in play dates.  I went out to the garage to get a lollipop from the van swagger wagon (the one Ellie got as a reward from the deacon for mortifying me earlier today) and I came into a chaotic house.

I was only in the van for a few minutes.  I discovered that the potty seat needed to be put away in the back of the van and the toilet paper roll needed to be stashed in it's compartment.  Then, I noticed that the section of the rear bench that was up wasn't latched in properly so I had to fix that too.

I now want to go back out to the garage and hide.  Madeline's classmate was standing at the door while the kids and dog were running around like wild because the doorbell must have been rung by her friend.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the doorbell?  I grew up in a house with a doorbell that didn't work and I often wish that I could also have a non-working doorbell.  When the doorbell rings I instantly feel on edge.  The sound startles me in a way that few other things do.  Not only do I feel completely ill at ease when the bell rings, but my kids and the dog go insane.  I've tried to teach the kids to freeze and be quiet when they hear the bell ring, but that tactic has failed.  I've even suggested that we all move to an area of the house where no one can see us and that has not caught on either.

Both of my girls act like excited puppies when the doorbell rings, and that excitement does not die down if there's a visitor on the other side of the door.  If it's a delivery or a solicitor they go back to normal pretty fast.

I'm irritated that Madeline still hasn't learned to ask if she can have a friend over before inviting them in to play.  I was supposed to be on my way to McDonald's to get the girls the Happy Meals I promised them on Saturday.  Instead I'm listening to the dog bark incessantly and the girls playing upstairs.

Whatever happened to the days where kids would knock on the door and ask if you could come out and play?  And why oh why does it sound like the girls are playing in their bathroom?  Dear God, please help me to not go insane this evening.  I'm afraid to go upstairs and investigate.  If anyone needs me I'll be out in the garage hiding in the back of my van.

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