Friday, June 25, 2010

I just gained a day!

I was responding to an email from a fellow blogger this morning and I noticed that she sent the email to me on the 24th, but my email program was saying it was sent yesterday.  I couldn't reconcile the discrepancy.  How could June 24th have been yesterday when today is June 26th?  I pondered this question for a minute before looking down and noticing that my iCalendar was displaying the number 25 on it's little icon.  I was dumbfounded that this was displaying yesterday's date.  How odd. After taking a closer look at the calendar I discovered that today is in fact the 25th.  You would think I would have caught this yesterday when I wondered why my NFP chart was behind a day, but no, I just figured that I had forgot to fill it in that day and course corrected.  I guess days one and two of summer vacation just felt longer than they should.  I'm going to try to enjoy my extra day of summer that I just discovered.


  1. It must be one of those weeks. Because of my fall and ER visit last Saturday I was all messed up. I didn't even realized that it was Father's Day last Sunday until MY MOTHER text us around 2:00 pm wishing my husband Happy Father's day! OOPS! I just looked at my husband and said "I'm a bad wife!--Happy Father's Day! LOL

  2. Apparently I skipped over Wednesday this week. I guess I knew deep down that Wednesday was going to be filled with first day of summer vacation bickering with the kids and I skipped it. Of all the days to miss this past week, that would have been the day that got my vote.


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