Monday, June 7, 2010

Pickles and Ice Cream....

Most afternoons Madeline comes home from school wanting ice cream.  Up until a few months ago the small human who believes her sole purpose in life is to look cute and annoy the medium sized person in the house (Madeline) has been anti-ice cream.  Now that both girls have turned after school snack time into ice cream time, I get to use those professional ice cream scooper skills that I developed the summer when I was 17.

 In the many days of after school ice cream scooping that I have seen, I've born witness to some very odd snack combinations.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream with gold fish crackers as a chaser, chocolate ice cream and a follow up snack of sour cream and onion Pringles and the list goes on.  I see these snack combos and I feel sick to my stomach most of the time.  Today had to be the worst combination yet.  After a nice bowl of Reese Cup ice cream Madeline immediately decided that two Vlasic dill pickle spears would round out her after school snack perfectly.  Let me just say that I'm thoroughly disgusted.  The sweet smell of peanut butter and chocolate still hung in the air as I opened the smelly pickle jar.

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