Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow (again)

I'm thoroughly tired of snow. I have seen a blanket of white stretched across my property for more days than I care to remember. We had one day this week where it looked like we were finally going to start seeing the grass again. It rained all day on Tuesday and lots of our snow began to melt at long last. I was hopeful that we were finally on the way to seeing more than just white. Sadly, I was wrong.

Starting late on Wednesday night the blasted snowflakes began falling again. I was still hopeful that the snow wouldn't stick since I heard the glorious sound of melting snow for two days. It was above freezing and everyone knows that snow doesn't stick when it's above freezing.

The school district decided to have a shortened day yesterday since the snow was expected to fall all day into today. Fine. I can deal with a half day. The roads were perfectly clear and the half day was totally unnecessary. The 5:30 wake up call from the district yesterday morning was also unnecessary and annoying.

Last night the snow started coming down with a bit more oomph. I was still hopeful that school would be in session, but after a quick run to Little Caesar's to get my Crazy Bread (It's an addiction that I'm embracing now that I finally have a Little Caesar's close to home.) I realized that my hopes for a normal Friday were fading fast. Ugh! The worst part was knowing that we were likely going to get another early morning wake up call from the school district.

I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up at 1:30AM on the family room couch and realized that Bryan and I both fell asleep watching the Olympics. I got him up so we could go to bed and that's when Bryan wanted to play with the telephone. For some reason, he wanted to make sure the phone was nice and close to our bed for the school wake up call. I was in favor of shutting off the ringer and letting the answering machine take the call. I managed to convince him to keep the ringer off, but the cost was I was not wide awake. It's hard to sleep when you know that you're going to get a call that startles you awake at 5:30AM. Between my annoyance at impending early morning annoyance and my incredible wakefulness after playing with the ringer settings on the phone, I scarcely got any sleep last night. When I did manage to fall asleep, I had very vivid and odd dreams that startled me awake. (I keep having odd dreams that involve Ellie dying. I'm finding these dreams to be very disturbing.)

At 5:08AM that dreaded wake-up call came. Ugh! Another snow day. I'm so tired of snow days. Earlier this week the school sent out a revised calendar that took into account all the snow days. The administration, not wanting to extend the school year decided to strip the school calendar of just about all half days and days off between now and June 18th. Spring recess is virtually eliminated. Good Friday is the only day of Spring recess that hasn't been touched [yet]. I'll be pulling Madeline out of school on Holy Thursday and the Monday after Easter. I scheduled our dentist appointments for the Monday after Easter nearly 6 months ago, so I'm rather irritated with the school for the calendar change. Now that we have another snow day, I'm fairly confident that the school will probably turn Good Friday into a school day.

I've had it with snow and snow days. And to top it all off, Bryan and Madeline are both under the weather.

I'm ready for Spring.

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  1. hoping Madeline and Bryan feel better soon and that the snow stays away from your area for a bit. Sad thing is it will be a very long rest of the school year without days off and everyone will be tired come June 18th.



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