Friday, February 12, 2010

Awesome Customer Service

I'm a bargain hunter, and I have to admit it upsets me when I buy something and a few days later my purchases drop in price. In many cases I'll do what I call a rebuy/return where I'll go and buy the item again and return the same higher priced item. Bryan calls this "The Game." He thinks I'm crazy to go back and get price adjustments (if the store offers them, not all do) or to repurchase the items at the lower price. I look at it as a great way to save money. And knowing myself very well, I know that I will sit up at night stewing over the amount of money that I over spent.

Some stores like Kohls have great price adjustment policies, but they are constantly running different sales. I can buy a shirt on Monday and the price of the shirt (depending on the week) could fluctuate three times in the span of 7 days. That type of practice drives me insane.

A few days ago I ordered new swimsuits for my girls from Lands End. I was going to hold off a little while, but then the Kids' catalog came out. When the kids' catalog comes out that means one thing to me: Buy the cute stuff you want now or risk not getting it at all. I've had many occasions where I assumed I could hold off another week or two on ordering something only to have it sell out (presumably because all the other moms thought it was adorable, too). So I ordered the swim suits [with my free shipping code that saved me $10.95] two days ago and consoled myself about paying full price by remembering that Lands End swimsuits are much better quality than the Target swimsuits that are half the price. It's also comforting to know that despite daily use, Madeline's swimsuit will still be in great shape when Ellie receives it as a hand me down.

This morning my bargain hunting heart sank when I opened my email. At the top of my new mail was an email from Lands End. "Sale: 20% off everything online and in-store + FREE SHIPPING," read the taunting little email. I looked at it and stared in disbelief. Didn't I just tell Bryan two days ago that Lands End would probably do this and I'd have to rebuy and return? I dislike having to go to the mall, and I really despise having to make Lands End returns at Sears. Every time I go I get stuck behind a little old lady who has no clue what she wants to do. I got out my calculator. I crunched the numbers. 20% off was a $13 savings. That was practically another swimsuit for Madeline. Two months ago I ordered a bag from them and it went on sale the next day. I called and managed to get a price adjustment, which spared me from having to brave a trip to the mall before Christmas and saved me $1.27. (Don't laugh, I'm cheap.) I decided to give Lands End a call and see if they'd be nice and give me the 20% discount. I had to be transferred to another representative who politely informed me that they would make an exception for me and I could have either the free shipping or the 20% off which confused me. Sorry, I want both. I managed to produce the code from my email and instantly the bargain hunting skies opened and I was given both. I'm delighted right now, and the $13 I rescued will put a little spring in my step today. I also explained to the customer service rep that this "one time exception" should probably not just be a one time thing because if they had refused to do the adjustment I would have reordered the swimsuits again at the lower price and they would have paid shipping twice only to have me return the higher priced items. She agreed that it worked out better for them considering I would have gone that route.

Lesson of the day: Don't be afraid to ask for price adjustments.

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  1. good for you! I'm glad Lands End worked with you and you got what you wanted at the price you wanted it for :)

    I am so bad about this; I probably should do this but I don't buy that much and with my work schedule, it probably wouldn't pay that much to run around town to take care of this (but online purchases would definitely be worth it I would imagine)



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