Thursday, February 11, 2010

Small Successes-February 11th

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. It snowed here on Friday night into Saturday. Despite my resolve to believe that we weren't going to get anymore than a dusting, we got about two feet of the white stuff. Thanks to Bryan's efforts with the snowblower and the township actually plowing the roads this time, when Sunday morning arrived, I was able to successfully get out of the house. First place I went? Mass. I was so grateful that our roads were clear enough that driving wasn't hazardous. Before Mass was over, I was also incredibly grateful that Ellie had behaved herself the entire time we were there. Maybe it's because the church was practically empty, maybe it's because her favorite deacon was there, or maybe it's because it was very early in the morning, but whatever the reason, I was very proud of her for behaving.

2. Both of my girls outgrew their shoes. How exactly does that happen? I only discovered this lovely fact when Ellie complained that the dress shoes I brought her for Easter hurt her heel. It wasn't until I took her to Payless on Friday and had her foot measured that I became aware that her foot had grown. To be perfectly honest, I didn't believe the man who measured her when he told me she was almost a size 10. I did see that her toe was past the 9 1/2 mark, but I wasn't accepting that reality. That night I mentioned to Bryan that Ellie's feet "may" have grown. He checked out her current shoes and confirmed that her toes were all the way at the top of the shoe. I dug out all of Madeline's old size 10 shoes and found a few pairs that had hardly been worn that I could pass on to Ellie. On Saturday night, when I was getting the girls clothes laid out for Mass I discovered that Madeline had also outgrown just about all of her shoes. She had been complaining for a week or two that her heel hurt on her one foot and that reminded me of Ellie's complaint when she tried on the too small dress shoe. I sent her to Bryan to check out shoe sizing. She had a few pairs of shoes with a little wiggle room. The rest were way too small. Why she never mentioned that the shoes were tight is beyond me. The story ended well. Sunday morning we went shoe shopping. Both girls now have new sneakers and casual dress shoes that I'm hoping will see them through until the Spring.

3. I have managed to not lose my mind despite the fact that everyone has been home due to the snow. Ellie has not had school this week and will not have school again until Ash Wednesday. Bryan has been working from home since Tuesday. Madeline had a snow day yesterday, and another one today. I have no idea if she will have school tomorrow. I'm seriously considering giving up snow for Lent. Think that will work?


  1. Its crazy how fast little feet grow. My almost 2 year old kept taking of her boots in the car and screaming when I put them back on and I finally figured out that they are too small!

  2. How wonderful that you got to go to Mass on Sunday. Ours was closed due to the blizzard. I am hoping the next storm stays away long enough for us to go this weekend.

    I had to laugh at the shoe story. There was a time when my son had to have new shoes 3 times a year he was growing so fast.

    Have a great week!

  3. What's with the shoes? I had the same complaints from 2 of my boys. They both have new tennis shoes now. But, I still need to get out for new Mass shoes, I just bought them 2 months ago!

  4. LOL about giving up snow for Lent; my sister in the DC area probably would second that notion



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