Thursday, February 18, 2010

Small Successes-It's Lent

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. I survived three consecutive snow days and a three day weekend with my sanity in tact. I am, however, really irritated that the public school will not be getting out until June 23rd. School could have easily been held this past Friday.

2. I played the role of Super Mom on Friday. I got the girls out of the house so Bryan would work in peace and quiet. I met my parents at Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. The girls were very happy that they got to play at Chuck E. Cheese with my parents. Friday was one of those days where I think I rated as pretty awesome in the eyes of my girls.

3. I finally picked up my girls' fluoride prescriptions at the Target pharmacy. I placed the order before the first snow storm this month and then totally forgot about it until the phone rang yesterday with a reminder that I ordered the refills 10 days ago. Ooops! I kept thinking there was a reason I should go to that particular Target and I couldn't figure it out.

I wish I could say that my house was sparking clean, but with everyone being home for 6-8 consecutive days that didn't all overlap, I'm just happy to have a kitchen that looks clean and the laundry in different stages of actually being done. I have lesson planning to do for my CCD classes and a lot of things to do around the house. What I'm lacking, unfortunately, is motivation. Maybe on Monday when I get 2 1/2 hours to myself I can get something accomplished.


  1. What a great week I think. Good for you - that's a lot, even if it doesn't feel like it!!!

    "Happy" Lent!!

  2. I remember those days very well, when our boys were small and mom/dad needed time to concetrate or get housework done. Your girls will remember the time they have with you much more than their clean laundry. You're doing great! And you obviously have your priorities straight!


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