Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On the bright side I'll use less shampoo....

In general, I tend to find the positives in bad situations. In many cases, my positives are things that no one would think of or want to think of given their situation. For example, I once commented to Bryan's aunt who was losing her hair due to the chemo for her breast cancer that on the bright side, she wouldn't have to worry about spending time doing her hair. And no, I didn't say it to be mean, I was trying to find the positive in a very bad situation. The response to me finding these positives is almost always "Only you would see that as the bright side, Karen.". Perhaps they're right, but when things go wrong, I think it's best to find the bright side, even if it's not that bright.

I got my hair cut today. Or should I say, I went to get my hair trimmed and I lost about 50% of it. I could cry. Once my hair gets to a certain shortness, I think I look rather butch, so I try to make sure that my hair doesn't go any shorter than my chin. I have no idea what happened today, but my hair is the shortest it's been since I was two years old. That's right, I'm bringing it all the way back to 1980. How short is it? Let's just say that the longest pieces make it to the bottom of my earlobes. I'm feeling sick just typing this. I have a section of hair that I can't even tuck behind my ear. If this doesn't make me insane I'm not sure what will.

So let's look at the bright side to this lovely situation. For one, I will be using a lot less shampoo. Drying my hair will take a lot less time since I have half my preferred amount. I'm going to make up all the time I've lost drying my hair that was too long for the past month. Oh, and I'll save money on going to get my hair cut for an extra couple of months since I suspect it will be probably be March before my hair is long enough to need a trim.

I can assure you all that I'll be praying that my hair grows fast so that I don't look like Madeline and Ellie's butch mom at Christmas. When I look in the mirror I see what my brother would look like with long hair. Oh and I'm sure both of my brothers will have a field day when they see my new do on Thanksgiving. Ugh.


  1. Yikes! I hate getting my haircut!
    will you need a wig for those Christmas pictures? ;)

  2. oh my! I'm sure it doesn't look that short, does it? you could always wear a hat??


  3. I donate my hair so I've had my hair that short and shorter. Usually it gets lots of compliments and then I think, "What they didn't like it when it was long?" which is my favorite way to wear it. Curly hair is very forgiving. Spend some time playing with it and experimenting with mousses and gels. Maybe you'll come up with something that you will love and by spring it will be shoulder-length again.


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