Monday, November 9, 2009

Easily forgotten?

I'm feeling rather lonely at the moment. The kids are in bed, a certain spousal figure is in another part of the country (Texas to be exact) and even Mr. Furkins has decided that curling up in his crate is preferable to sitting in the family room and watching TV with me. Have I really been dissed by the family dog? It certainly feels that way.

I try not to be a nag, but I find it very irritating that my husband seemingly forgets about me when he travels. He called to let me know he landed safely this afternoon. Then, he called to say hello to the girls in the early evening, only he didn't get to talk to Ellie because she decided to take a nap (I'm still shocked at her recent interest in napping--where was that two years ago?). So Bryan managed to duck out of his meeting for a few so he could say good night to the girls when it was their bed time. I got to talk to him for a few seconds and he assured me that he'd call me soon. He always tells me he'll call me soon. Sadly, soon in his mind is usually several hours later. I reminded him that I didn't want him calling me at 1am or 4am like he did on his last trip. Here it is 11pm and I suspect that he won't be calling me anytime soon. When I call him while he's gone I usually interrupt a meeting or a business dinner so I do my best not to call and look like the nagging wife.

So as I sit here feeling oh so bored and lonely, I'm anything but comforted knowing that next week I'll be in this same situation again. I guess I should just be thankful that his trips are much shorter now than they were before Ellie was born and that they are much less frequent, too.

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  1. its always hard when the hubbies travel and you have young ones at home. when my hubby would travel, that's when things would break, etc. I know its hard for them to travel, but......them not around is hard too...

    hoping his travels aren't too many in the coming months (and that the dog decides to snuggle with you :)



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