Friday, November 6, 2009

Kid can't even read, but she's got some vocab skills

I took the girls out to Target today to drop off a prescription for Bryan and to buy a new water spray bottle since we seem to go through these things like there's no tomorrow. Truth be told, I have forgotten to buy a new spray bottle three days in a row. I always remember that I forgot to buy a new one when it comes time to do Ellie's hair. I simply can't do the girls' hair when it's dry, so the spray bottle is absolutely essential to my children looking well kept.

As we're pulling out of the garage Madeline starts going on [again, for the millionth time] about how dirty my van is. So, of course, she starts badgering me about when I'm going to wash the van. Hmm...let's see. We brought the van when I was 7 months pregnant with Ellie. I honestly don't recall ever washing the van. But, a trip down memory lane reveals that it has been washed [once], and it was done when Ellie was about 9 months old, which would be the time when my delightful four year old Madeline picked up the garden hose and shot her daddy in the butt. Talk about a proud mommy moment. That one not only takes the cake, but I also have pictures of the aftermath. Priceless. So as Madeline is admonishing me about the dirty state of my van's exterior, Ellie interrupts Madeline and tells her "Mommy's car isn't dirty, Madeline. It's FILTHY!". Gee, thanks Ellie. So I guess Madeline was being too kind in calling my van dirty. So now I can drive around knowing that my spunky four year old thinks I drive a filthy van. It's nice to know that she's got a good vocabulary.

Ellie watching Madeline and Bryan wash the van.

Madeline wielding the garden hose.

The end result (Pun not intended, but pretty funny when you think about it.) of what happens when you place a garden hose in the hands of a 4 year old who has parents who like to play with water.


  1. LOL! good for Ellie for choosing to increase her vocabulary!

    (is your van an Olds Silhouette? looks like mine and that's what I drive (at least the color looks the same)


  2. LOL! I don't think my husband would let me post that picture!
    My van needs to be washed too. And the inside needs to be cleaned out... one day it will be a priority, but not yet.

  3. Betty-It's a Toyota Sienna. Had to get a van with rear windows that went down so Madeline could yell hi to Princess and Fluffy (two male horses we used to drive past almost daily).

    Cookie-My husband doesn't read this blog so it's all good! He posted a picture of a green duck dog toy on facebook tonight and told everyone I thought it was yellow because I accidentally said the wrong color when I pointed it out to him (the toy next to it was yellow). Turn about is fair play!

  4. LOL@ the green duck and your husband not knowing.
    Your comment on my blog about the erasers made me laugh :)

  5. Ha ha, we are too busy making memories to worry about how dirty our minivan is inside and out. Washing it with the kids is a blast though!


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