Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I really dislike potty humor.

I don't quite know what the fascination is with kids and potty humor, but I really can't stand it. Most of the time, I'm spared from the annoyance of such humor, but on the occasions when it hits, it's usually over the top.

Tonight as I'm putting the girls to bed Madeline tells me that her class had to go downstairs to use the girls' room because the one upstairs was out of toilet paper. Ok, no big deal, right? Of course not! There had to be a catch to this story. Madeline informed me that there was "butt hair" on the toliet seat in the girls' room. I made the mistake of asking her how she knew where the hair came from. Why oh why did I stupidly ask a question that I didn't want to know the answer to? She didn't know how she knew, but she informed me that some people have butt hair. (And, I want no comments about my bathrooms, please. I have a hairy husband.) Let me just tell you that I find this highly disturbing given that I grew up in a house with non-hairy people. All I can think is she has heard me complain to my friend (who also has a hairy spouse) about a certain bathroom cleaning issue. Ugh!

As if the Madeline portion of this discussion wasn't bad enough, Ellie latched on to the words "butt hair" and wouldn't stop repeating them and laughing. And mind you, it was infectious laughter. It took a good five minutes for me to regain order and get my girls tucked in.

Potty humor stinks! I look forward to the days when neither one of my girls is fascinated with it.


  1. Well good luck with that wait... It might be um a long while, perhaps even dare I say until Jr. High/High School. LOL For your sake I hope not, but you never really know do you.... :)

  2. LOL; boys I think are worse about this....we still deal with things and the kid is 20 years old :)


  3. My girls have been astounding me with similar conversations for the past few years - since they are so close in age they are much more comfortable discussing non-ladylike issues than I was with my sister who is 11 years my junior.


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