Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things You Can't Do With One Hand

Lately Katie has been wanting me to hold her quite a lot and I'm discovering the multitude of things I cannot accomplish with a single hand.  I've had more than a few days in the past week where I wondered how different life would be if I had just one additional arm.  Sure, buying clothes would become a real challenge, but I would be able to get so much accomplished.

Here's my list of things you cannot do with a single hand.
1. Fold laundry
2. Sweep the floors
3. Clean a bathroom
4. Send a text message.  Ok, maybe this one is possible with one hand but not all of us are blessed with great coordination.
5. Blog.  I simply can't type up posts using just five fingers.  My thoughts are far too rapid and fleeting for one hand to keep up, plus I suck at hunting and pecking on a keyboard.
6. Wrap Christmas presents.
7. Cut things out.
8. Operate a hot glue gun.
9. Load and unload the washer/dryer.  Actually, I can do this but it's a painfully slow process and I wind up dropping clean clothes all over the floor as I try to get them into the dryer.
10. Make a bed
11. Wash Ellie's hair
12. Measure out a dose of Katie's Zantac.
13. Take a decent picture with my camera.
14. Fix Ellie's hair for school
15. Comfortably read/hold a book.

Mind you, I'm not constantly holding Katie, but I seem to always have other things I need (or want) to do while I am.  Nine times out of ten I would much rather be holding my chubby little Kitty Katkins in my arms, but for the ten percent of the time that I really need to get things done, I wish she would just be content to veg out next to me in a bouncy seat and be content.  For the most part she's a very laid back baby, but she certainly has had some days where crying seems to be the only thing she has on her agenda.  It's amazing how a crying baby can just sap your energy and at times your spirits.


  1. Would she consent to be in a sling for some of that 10%? Thank goodness Liam was okay about the sling (at least some of the time).

  2. She's a few weeks behind Cupcake. She too went through a very clingy phase. A few weeks ago she started being more content. Hang in there!

  3. Joy, I apparently am sling-stupid. I ordered a peanut shell sling before Katie was born and was very hopeful that it would work for me. I have tried numerous times to use the thing and either I have no clue what I'm doing or Katie just hates to be put in it. At first I couldn't figure out how to get her in the thing without her looking like a crumpled heap of baby while she wailed and looked like she'd be happier and more comfortable if I just placed her in a brown paper bag. Then when I was confident that I finally figured out how to get her in the sling correctly the thing was killing my back after just five minutes. She does ok when I put her in the Bjorn carrier, but I'm still limited in what I can do mobility wise while I'm wearing her.

  4. I would be lost without my sling, too, especially now that I have 4! You might want to try a different type - maybe a Moby or an Ergo. I have a basic ring sling and that works well for us.


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