Friday, December 2, 2011

Quick Takes Volume 20

Soccer will be over for the fall in approximately 30 hours.  I'm looking forward to not having any soccer related time constraints after tomorrow for a couple of months.  Last night Madeline had soccer practice after religious ed.  I really think soccer practice in December is just plain excessive.
My tried and true practice of getting the kids to clean up after themselves during Advent appears to be failing.  In the past they were happy to make sure no mess got left behind so they could write what they did on a strip of paper as a sacrifice for baby Jesus.  The papers then got placed in the little manger we have to make a nice soft bed for baby Jesus.  This worked wonderfully for one day so far and now I'm back to finding messes all over the place.
I don't think Katie likes me blogging.  Every time I sit down to blog she starts crying.  I guess she doesn't want her life story out there for everyone to read.
Katie is almost seven weeks old and I'm totally amazed at how many people keep asking us when/if we're going to have more.  We honestly don't know and the baby we do have is still relatively new.  One of our parish priests was already lobbying for a new baby this past Sunday.  When I saw him again on Wednesday he was trying to get the kids to start asking for a baby brother, and then proceeded to tell me that I should have seen the look on my husband's face when he told him we should have more babies before Mass.  I'm sure it was priceless but I was too busy holding the baby to notice his expression.
I'm contemplating buying one of those creepy Elf on the Shelf dolls to scare encourage Ellie to clean up after herself.  I'm pretty sure the elf won't have any effect on Madeline.
I'm pretty sure I have a few good hours of craft preparation ahead of me today.  Months ago I painted the TP tubes that I needed for the Advent wreaths I do with my religious ed class but I never cut out the plates or bothered to cut up tissue paper for them.  I'm hoping I can get all of this stuff done early today, but Katie is being rather needy this morning.  I'm telling you she HATES that I blog.
Target, my happy place, has been unbearable and totally unenjoyable this past week.  There are people wandering aimlessly, holiday shoppers who think nothing of trying to edge you out so you can't go down the aisles you need to get to and absurdly long lines.  On Monday I almost got run down by one woman as I made my way towards the mac and cheese aisle for Bryan.  I decided that it wasn't worth getting injured to get the mac and cheese so I cut the trip short and went to my usual Target instead.  This is really the worst time of the year to go shopping.


  1. Can't believe you are being asked about another baby already!
    Still on the fence about the 'elf'.

  2. Wait until you have three kids too close in age, then the comments really start. Congrats on your little one! Things start to improve a lot after the eight week point.

  3. I have had some very uncomfortable shopping adventures recently too! Most stores are just so crowded that I feel like I am constantly in everyone else's way (with my huge, full term pregnant belly!) and no one bats an eye about bumping and pushing a pregnant lady around. I couldn't imagine trying to go shopping with a baby or kids for fear someone would just mow them down!


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