Thursday, July 1, 2010

Small Successes-July 1st


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. I have survived the first week of summer vacation with both kids.  So far we've really only had one day where I wanted to rip out my hair or run away.  I think that alone is a pretty big success.  Wouldn't you agree?

2. Madeline and I went to Confession on Saturday.  After day one of summer vacation with both kids, I think it was glaringly evident that we both needed it.

3. Our trip to the beach yesterday was an unexpected success.  I actually managed to get up early and get the kids out the door before 8AM despite having slept in a little late on Monday and Tuesday.  Then I managed to score a choice parking spot next to the walkway for the beach (Ahh, the benefits of getting to the beach before 10AM.).  I got some beautiful pictures of the girls on the beach and I even managed to keep Ellie from swimming off into oblivion (The kid would let herself get washed out to sea if I didn't rein her in. She has no fear.).  My mom even went to the beach with us and helped the girls find shells and build a odd looking mound of wet drippy sand sandcastle.

Bonus: This is Bryan's success but I'm loving every bite of it.  He has done a little experimenting in the kitchen this week and has begun making pizza!  Sometimes he simply amazes me.   On Monday we made a regular cheese pizza that had a crust that tastes like the French bread they serve at Texas Roadhouse (the only thing I like about that place.) and last night he made me a pizza that is very similar to the Rainforest Cafe's Brave New World pizza (Clearly having the Rainforest Cafe BBQ sauce helps tremendously.).   This just goes to show that we really can live without eating take out all of the time.  I never thought I'd be so excited about eating at home.  Since June 18th we have prepared all of our meals at home with the exception of the McDonald's I brought for me and the girls yesterday while we were visiting the beach and my parents.  The kids were delighted to get their hands on some food from an outside source.


  1. Great list, I'm glad the beach trip went well and that you were able to get good pictures.

    Congrats to you and Brian for discovering new and tasty things to make at home.

  2. Well done for surviving your first week of summer hols. You seem to start much earlier than us in the UK. We still have a couple of more weeks to go. It is so hot here right now it's a shame our kids can't play at the beach all day. Looking forward to it though. (Doubt very much that we'll be there before 8am!)
    Have a great time!

  3. Yea you survived your first week! Now just think how much easier the second one will be! LOL!
    Anytime you can combine pizza and a trip to the beach in the same week spells LOVE to me! Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like you did more than just survive their first week of vacation...sounds like you ENJOYED it! Great list...YAY for you!


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