Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ok, Children's Place, I'll play!

Yesterday I took my girls shopping at Children's Place for $10 jeans and $5 graphic tees.  Because Ellie's birthday was this month I went shopping with a 15% off coupon (because the 15% off coupon that anyone could use expired the day before).  My total before coupon was $100.  I was happy with my loot of 8 pairs of jeans and four tees for $84.99.  That happiness faded quickly when I opened an email from the Children's Place this morning and found a coupon for 30% off when you spend $60 or more.  With that lovely coupon, the kids could have each had an extra pair of jeans and I would have had an extra dollar left over (Everybody wins when Mom thinks and shops like a total tight wad!).

While I'm happy that there is a better deal out there, I'm not happy that I need to go back to Children's Place to play their game (But I will!).  If you'd like to partake of their nice little offer click here.  It's only in stores and it's only good until July 31st.  I love their jeans and find them to be a steal at $7.00 a pair (That's cheaper than Target.).  The graphic tees aren't bad for $3.50 either. (Prices of jeans and tees assume that you take advantage of the 30% off deal.)

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