Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vanquishing Termites

I wrote last week about the termites that Bryan discovered in our yard over Memorial Day weekend.  Since Bryan discovered them they have been the source of unnecessary stress. (Is any stress necessary?).  I've been trying to take them in stride, but it's not easy when you have someone by your side who is very disturbed by them.  I've been trying not to let it get to me.  I can't put out a sign that says "No bugs allowed" and so I simply try to go with the flow and hope for the best.

Today the Monster Stompers, (Isn't that the best name for an exterminating company?) came out to finish the termite job they started on Memorial Day.  I listened to over two hours of drilling into concrete.  I think I can still hear it now.  A total of 55 holes were drilled into my porch and garage and into those holes liquid death to termites was poured.

I'm happy that the termite job is done.  It appears that the house has little or no damage from the wood chewing pests.

To add some humor to a less than desirable situation, I noticed that the holes that had to be drilled were plugged with wooden dowels before the concrete was used to fill in the remainder of the hole.  It seems like a final dare to the termites.

The termites may not have eaten my house, but they ate our Disney vacation.  Of course I can't blame them entirely.  Disney's unwillingness to honor their own promotional deals was also partly to blame for the death of our Disney vacation dreams.

Tonight I will sleep soundly knowing that the termites are brining poison bait back to their colony.  I hope to never see them again.  You can bet I'll be watching to see if the swarmers show up in my garage next Spring.  If this termite treatment is as good as their overall bug protection is, I shouldn't be seeing anything.    Now if I can just get them to come out and eliminate all the bugs in the back yard I'd be thrilled.

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