Thursday, June 3, 2010

Small Successes-June 3rd

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. At long last, all of my vegetable plants are planted.  Because of last year's tomato blight I was forced to think outside the garden for my tomato plants.  So I caved and brought one topsy turvy (For the record, it goes against every cell in my body to purchase an "As Seen on TV" item.) and two decorative patio pots for my tomato plants.  The plants look much happier now.  I also picked up a basil plant for my garden only to discover while I was pruning it that it was actually three plants.  I managed to salvage one of the lesser plants and now I have two basil plants for the price of one.  Yay! (It's the little almost insignificant things in life that make me happy.)

2. I butchered trimmed all of the hedges in our front yard.  Let me just say that I like the previous owners of my house less and less every time I have to do this task.  In an attempt to find some peace and quiet I went out there and did some trimming by hand in 90 degree heat on Sunday.  Not my brightest idea.  Then I decided to go out on Monday morning in you guessed it, 90 degree heat to trim again, only this time I had the cordless hedge trimmer in my hands.  The hedges no longer look shaggy and I discovered a bird's nest in the tree that is likely abandoned. Both my husband and I marveled at how well it is put together.

3. The smelly dog and the dirty table on my deck both got cleaned on Monday.  The have absolutely nothing to do with one another except that they were done concurrently. The table is still clean three days later, but the smelly dog is once again smelly. Sigh.

Bonus: We found termites! (Ok, that's not really a bonus.) And our bug guy was kind enough to come out on Memorial Day to do the first step of the treatment.  Want to guess where we're not going on vacation this year?  If you said Disney World you would be right.  Last week we had a little issue with Disney not wanting to honor the deal they sent me in an email and were given a code for 40% off our stay (including our meal plan and tickets).  When my husband called back the next morning (per the reservationist's instructions) we were told they wouldn't honor it. (Grr....)  Our Disney prospects weren't looking too good, but I was holding out hope that we could still go.  The discovery of termites and their subsequent cost to eliminate them was enough to kill our hopes of a trip to Disney World.  We're all disappointed, but we've decided to take a trip to Williamsburg, VA for a few days instead.  Bryan has enough Mariott Rewards points from his business travel to cover our hotel stay thereby making a trip to Williamsburg very inexpensive.  The girls and I all have a thing for period clothing so I'm confident they'll have a good time there.  To ensure that they will, I'm going to make them each a colonial dress that they can wear.  Time for me to break out the sewing machine and go insane!

Bonus #2: My pool water has been above 78 since last Thursday night.  I'm shocked that we have been able to go swimming every day since Last Thursday, and I've even managed to keep up with the extra laundry that swimming has thrown my way.


  1. Let me know how the topsy turvy works out! I feel that tomatoes can grow anywhere...but I don't have a patch of green yet, so I can't plant anything yet!

    VA sounds awesome!! I would love that.

  2. Yeah Karen on the gardening. We got blight last year in our Topsy Turvys :( but this year, so far so good (fingers crossed!).

  3. I bought a topsy turvy this year, too. We planted 17 tomato plants in our community garden (either they all will die, or we will have so many tomatoes that I'll have to set up a stand at the farmer's market) but we had one plant left over.
    For several years my oldest (almost 6) has shouted "topsy turvy!!!" every time she sees one at a house, so I figured that one leftover plant could live in one at our house. Of course, I didn't get it planted yesterday, so I really should go out and do that soon!

  4. So sorry about the Disney run around, have never been to Williamsburg but family members have ~ both the historical part and Busch Gardens and have really enjoyed both.

  5. If you're coming to Williamsburg be sure to check out Insider's Passport for fun things to do with your family while you're visiting. Hope you have a nice trip.


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