Monday, June 28, 2010


I doubt my love of ravioli has ever gotten any mention here.  I think my pizza obsession has gotten a glimmer of attention, but not my delight with ravioli.  There are probably a few reasons for it.  For one, I haven't made ravioli in close to a year because I'm lazy because I'm very picky about the consistency of ricotta cheese.  If it's too smooth, or too grainy I can't eat it.  If the pasta is too thin or too think I can't eat it. If the ravioli springs a leak and winds up water logged, I don't want to eat it.

My ravioli persnicketiness is a real problem.  Then add to the fact that most of the ravioli I can buy in the store are what I categorize as gross and we have another problem.  And the ravioli at the store that I haven't tried?  Well I guess it's fair to say that I'm cheap.  For close to two years I avoided the locally made ravioli from P&S because they wanted close to $13 for a 40oz bag.   Isn't that insane?

Bryan and I decided to go grocery shopping yesterday.  The tour of torture shopping with two kids and a husband The trip was a real eye opener for me and Bryan.   I learned that I should be eternally thankful for those days when I can grocery shop alone and keep my sanity in tact.  Bryan learned just how cheap I am.  As we pondered the case with the frozen ravioli I explained why every ravioli in the freezer simply wasn't coming home with us.  I had a problem with every brand except one.  Bryan looked at me like I was crazy when I told him why I wasn't buying the one brand that I hadn't tried.  "I'm not paying $12.99 for ravioli when I don't know if I'm going to hate them."  I could have read his thoughts if you had asked me.  My cheapness usually gets a sigh and a "Oh, Dear" in situations like this.  In short, he thinks I'm being ridiculous and maybe I was.  I often order ravioli at restaurants and pay at least $10 for a single dinner.  Even if they were more than double the price of other ravioli, they'd still be a better deal than me eating out and still running the possibility of getting ravioli that I'd reject for consistency issues.  The ravioli went into the cart.  I had no great ambitions for them and was prepared to deliver an "I told you so" to Bryan after consuming the first bite.

We decided on the ride home to have ravioli for lunch.  We were certainly curious if the new ravioli and the new sauce we had picked up the day before would make the cut.  Shockingly they were both perfect.  I'm incredibly happy and I didn't even have to play the part of Little Miss Know it All towards my husband.

In the past I've had some difficulty in getting the girls to try ravioli.  So not wanting to have an unpleasant meal we let them eat sandwiches for lunch.  I had them each try a bite of the ravioli and they liked them. Another meal I can prepare at home!

I did promise Bryan that ravioli will not appear more than once a week.  He likes ravioli, many years ago he got annoyed when I decided that ravioli was the perfect dinner three to five times a week.  He also doesn't want pancakes for dinner three to five times a week.  And pizza nearly every day?  He's not a fan of that either.  It probably pretty evident that I am one of those people who would be more than happy to eat the same food daily.

I'm very happy that nine days into not eating out at all we're still finding foods to add to the rotation.  The kids are slowly adjusting to life where our days don't include take out and restaurants on a daily basis.  I do however, think that we're going to have to break down and order a pizza soon.  I haven't had a pizza since June 18th.  The folks at Rustico are probably worried about me.

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