Thursday, June 3, 2010

How about no?

I came across a comment on another blog that made me laugh and forced the sarcastic personality in me to think some things that my mom would say aren't nice.  The comment went like this "You are welcome to follow my blog."  Maybe I'm not good at self promotion, but I can't imagine commenting that on other people's blogs.


  1. No, I can't imagine commenting that on another person's blog either. :)

    I think comments such as "You are welcome to follow my blog" or "I'm following you today and you can do the same" are just silly. Most of the time when someone becomes a public follower I go check their blog out and if I like it then I'll follow too.

    I don't follow just because you are following.... LOL

  2. LOL on this.I certainly will not follow that blog indeed. I had a guy email me and tell me to put the follower widget on my blog so he could be my first follower (I didn't have the heart to tell him I had several other followers and he wouldn't be the first one) and he also said I could then follow his blog. I told him it wasn't about numbers and I specifically didn't have that follower widget on my blog for that reason and I would comment on his blog if and when I wanted to. He never commented on mine, I commented a few times on his. I check on his almost daily. He goes out and solicits followers and has quite an impressive number of them but limited comments. I don't get it. I'll coment and follow on what I decide thank you Mister.



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