Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gorgeous Weather

I had meant to write something yesterday, but by the time the kids were in bed I was close to falling asleep on the couch.  I attribute that to me having a busy, yet productive day.

Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I not only folded and put away laundry, but I also washed several loads.  I've been paying Ellie to do laundry the past several weeks.

Once I got the laundry issue out of the way I had to go to an appointment for blood work.  My arm is still hurting from that.  On may way into the office I was amazed at just how warm it was.  It was 75 a little after noon.  After I got home, Bryan and I took a walk around the neighborhood.

While Anthony napped, Katie and I went in the back yard and she played on the swing set.  I really feel like that swing set is one of the best back yard purchases we have made since the pool.  It's big enough that even I can go up in the tower and stand up.  I was a bit annoyed this afternoon to discover some rust on it in a few places since it's not even 6 months old.  I'm waiting to hear back from the company to see what they're going to do to resolve the issue.  Not sure if they're going to replace the rusted parts or not.  I'm sure one way or another we'll get the issue resolved.

The amazing weather we've had is something I'm trying not to miss out on, since I'm sure cold and or rainy days will happen soon enough.  I spent so much time outside today that while the kids and I were in line for confession this evening a friend commented that I looked a little burnt.

I have a lot of reviews I need to write in the next few days.  I've got some great book ideas for Easter baskets, and I even have a nice dress company to tell you about.  I just need to take Katie outside and take some pictures of her in the pretty dress she'll be wearing for Easter.

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