Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bathing Suit Shopping for Teens

If you've never had to search for a decent bathing suit for a teenage girl, consider yourself lucky.  Last year was the first year Madeline was in juniors sizing for swimwear.  I dreaded having to find a nice bathing suit that was modest but not frumpy looking and certainly not something that looked like it belonged on someone twice her age.  I consider us blessed that the process was amazingly painless last year.  Madeline looked at what was available at Kohls and found a few cute tankini options that worked well for her.

Since I always like to put a bathing suit in the kids' Easter baskets, I started looking for swimwear not too long ago.  I have something in mind for Ellie and I already have bathing suits for Katie and Anthony.  But, finding something for Madeline, has not been easy at all.  I asked for suggestions on a Catholic mom's group on Facebook earlier today after being very disappointed in the offerings I found on Kohls, Speedo, JC Penney, and a few other sites.  Offerings for tankini separates ranged from dowdy to very mature to I can just hear Madeline saying I'm not wearing that!  This is the girl who likes her clothing to look classic and she, thankfully, is not the kind of girl who wants to wear things that are revealing.

Someone mentioned that Target was where they had found swimwear for their teen, so I decided to look on line and see what was up there.  There are a lot of tankini pieces that I think are nice for the 25+ set, but not much that are suited to a teen.  Then I came across a few cute retro looking options that I thought might work for her.  After showing her what I found she agreed that three of them looked like something she would wear so I placed an order and hope that the one I select for the Easter basket will work.

Here's a peek at the two that I ordered:
The yellow one is a one piece suit that you can find here.
And this one is a tankini.  You can find the top here and the bottoms here.
I am very hopeful that one or both of these swimsuits works for her.  I ordered two different sizes for each since we aren't familiar with the brand so I was unsure of how they were cut.  If these suits work out I will be happy knowing she's decently clad while swimming in our pool.  

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