Sunday, February 21, 2016

When Did Online Shopping Become Frustrating?

Lately I've gotten to the point where I can't stand going to the store to buy things.  These days I pretty much only shop at Target and Kohls because most other store annoy me.  I get fed up going to the store to buy something only to find that they don't have what we're looking for or the store is just aggravating to navigate in general.  In the past two months, even just going to Target, my happy place, has become something I will only do if I absolutely need to go there.  I'd much rather have stuff shipped to my door.

Online shopping has been great for helping me avoid the stores, but lately I'm finding that outside of Amazon, a lot of online retailers are a bit of a headache.  I don't even recall where I ordered from yesterday, it was Children's Place and one other place that escapes me, but both of their websites were just frustrating.  And just a few moments ago I was placing an order with Kohls for some items I needed to order for the kids and the check out process was so painful with their site malfunctioning during check out like it always does, that I got to the point where I felt as hopeless as I do when I am in their store and standing in one of their painfully long lines with kids who are suddenly desperate to leave the store or use the bathroom.  Nothing like bringing the aggravation of shopping to the comforts of your home.

I wish some of these online retailers would look at how Amazon and other sites that do online shopping and checkout really well, have their sites set up and follow their lead.  I can't help but think it's all a matter of getting a good developer in there to fix the issues.

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