Friday, October 4, 2013

Theme Thursday on Friday: Secret

I think I mentioned last week or the week before how someone spilled the beans about a big surprise that was supposed to be a secret until late October.  So now that the secret is out, the kids know that we're going to Disney World.  Madeline has figured out when we will be going but Ellie isn't sure when we're going.

I've been noticing some friends posting pictures of these "Magic Bands" lately and didn't know what they were.  What I did know was we weren't offered them.  Boo!  Then we got the mail on Wednesday and there was an envelope with Me Mou (That's Katie for Mickey Mouse.) that told us we were selected to be part of the Magic Bands trial.  Woot!
These bands will be our tickets, our room key, and our fast passes.  Pretty cool.  I'm excited to see how it all works.

We couldn't believe it when the bands we selected just two days ago wound up on our porch this morning.

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  1. Where are my bands???? I wanna goooo!!!!

  2. We will be there later this month! When will you go? Those bands look super cool! Let us know how they all work!


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