Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Guardian Angel Craft

The feast day of the Guardian Angels is one that we should all celebrate because we all have a guardian angel.  It's a feast day that I always try to point out to my kindergarten religious ed students.  Typically I have them do this cute guardian angel craft that includes the guardian angel prayer.

It's a relatively simple craft to put together and with a little bit of advance planning a class of young children can assemble this craft in under ten minutes.  That's important when you're working on a tight time table in a classroom setting.

To do this craft you'll need: scissors, glue stick,  a piece of card stock with the Guardian Angel prayer printed across the top (I set my page to landscape for this craft.), a piece of construction paper folded in half, a sheet of colored construction paper, a 2 inch circle (I use manila paper so it looks skin toned) a small heart shaped cut out, and some yarn strands

If you will be doing this craft with a group of children I'd recommend using a circle punch for cutting the pieces that will be the angel's head, and a heart shaped punch for the hands.  If you don't have a circle punch you can use the cap from a juice bottle and just trace your circles using that and cut them out.

When cutting the yarn for the hair for a group, I suggest wrapping the yard around a box of colored pencils or some small thin package or piece of cardboard so you can cut many strands in one fell swoop.  You want your yarn strands to be about 6 inches long.

You'll also want to cut trapezoid body shapes out of construction paper, too.  

Once you have the prep work done and are ready to get the kids crafting you'll need to have them trace their hand on a folded piece of construction paper.  I like to use white or yellow construction paper for this step.  Once the hand shaped wings are cut out you're ready to glue them on to the card stock.  Next you'll place the body over the wings.  The heart shape gets added upside down to make praying hands. Then, add the head and glue on a few strands of yarn hair.   All that's left is drawing a face on your angel.

My angel is just standing below the prayer but some of my students are far more creative than me.  Just this past Sunday several of my students decided that they wanted their angels to be flying.  So go ahead and angle your angel so it looks like it's flying!  The important thing is to just have fun with it.

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