Thursday, October 31, 2013

Small Successes: October 31st

1. I timed getting to the Halloween parade at Ellie's school so well that I not only scored a spot in one of the parking lots, but I also only had to wait five minutes for her class to come out and parade around.  Score!

2. The class party for Ellie's class went well.

3. Our car is just about packed for our Disney vacation.  We got most of it done last night and now we're rounding up a few odds and ends like tooth brushes and toothpaste.

4.  Madeline is nearly done her first quarter of homeschooling.  Two religion tests, a rewrite or two of a book report, and one English test to go and she'll be done.  Of course, all of that is going to have to wait until we get home.

5. We are caught up on the laundry.

6. I have clean kitchen countertops.  It will be nice to come home to a clean house.

7.  Pending all goes well, we can check off Mass for All Saint's Day, trick or treating and getting out on the road in the next three hours.  We're almost there!

Come and link up with your Small Successes over at Catholic Mom.

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