Monday, August 12, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Me: White eyelet headband (kids department at Target from several years ago),  navy blue crochet detailed tee from Coldwater Creek (last year), super awesome pleated white skirt from Ann Taylor Loft final sale rack, and amazingly comfy old lady sandals that I hope don't look like old lady shoes from Kohls.  
Katie: Dress from Gymboree, bow from Target's impulse rack, shoes from Payless.

I've been wanting to wear this skirt since I picked it up a few weeks ago but I didn't have any shoes to go with it.  So I headed to Kohls on Saturday with the younger girls in tow while Bryan was at a class to get a soccer coaching license.  Ellie and I endured nearly 90 minutes of cranky toddler but I managed to get a pair of shoes that didn't aggravate my foot and some new pants and tops that I can wear to Mass and to teach my classes on Sunday mornings.  I love Kohls 30% off coupons!

Yesterday our bishop came to our parish to celebrate Mass.  Our diocese now has two more men entering the seminary and this Mass included a blessing for each of them.  The benefit of going to this Mass was we had all three of the girls sitting with us for Mass since the seminarians were the altar servers.  Which reminded us exactly why Madeline always goes back to altar serve.  You can't bicker with your sister when she's not sitting next to you at Mass.  The did stop the bickering before Mass began and it didn't last more than a few minutes before I put an end to it.

Despite being a Mass at lunchtime Katie did pretty well.  We fed her lunch before we left for Mass so she wouldn't completely melt down while we were there.  She was quieter than I thought she was going to be and I was surprised that she didn't get too antsy considering the Mass was longer than usual.

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