Thursday, August 1, 2013

Theme Thursday: Knots

This week's theme is Knots.  I instantly thought back to the days when Ellie used to knot up shoe laces and hang her Barbie doll.  Yes, I said hang, as in my four year old was pretty good at making shoelace nooses.  So I dug up a couple of pictures from those days.
Her eyes are so mischievous in this picture.  Just before she posed for this picture she had been on the couch peeking over and all you could see were those cute little knots on her hair and her eyes above the handiwork of her freshly hung Barbie.  Never being much of a fan of Barbie I saw no reason to tell her not to be a one person lynch mob for the plastic broad.
Sure, it might have been a little disturbing that she kept happily rounding up Barbies and hanging them, but look at how happy it made her.  And if you look at Barbie, it appears that she didn't mind.  
When I went through the pictures from 2009 I realized that knots were one of those hairstyles that I did all the time on Ellie.  I had started calling this style knot-sies.  But then I realized one day that it sounded an awful lot like I was saying Nazis.  Yeah, it really doesn't sound good when someone compliments your daughter's hair and she responds that she likes having knot-sies in her hair.  Far better to just call them knots.

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  1. Ha ha! Well that is one I haven't seen before, and I've seen a lot!

  2. HA! I love this! Wonderful post and pictures. Perhaps your daughter is giving an extreme example of being yourself and not trying to be perfect for the world. =)


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