Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life...

Madeline has had soccer camp every night this week.  I took this picture because I thought she looked like she was dressed in Christmas colors, but I think she looks very pretty in this pictures.  She's looking very grown up these days.


Monday after Mass Katie was given a gift bag with these tap shoes by the mother of a little girl who passed away this February.  Her daughter got them for her second birthday and sadly never got to wear them.  Please say a prayer for her mom and dad who miss her terribly.  Every time Katie wears something that was handed down to us by this couple I find myself praying for them throughout the day.

Once we got home Katie insisted on wearing these shoes all day.  As soon as we came home from Mass she needed these on her feet.  She's just thrilled to have these tap shoes and you can tell by the way she acts that they make her feel very special.  

Look at this little goofball hamming it up for the camera.  On Friday, Madeline was altar serving for a quinceanera.  Katie and I sat outside for a little bit by the statues while we waited for Madeline.  I sat on a bench while Katie played around this little garden and posed for a picture with her bag of goldfish crackers.

It's always fun to watch Katie interact with Bryan on FaceTime while he's away.  This morning she tried feeding him Cheerios.

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