Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What We're Reading Wednesday

Here's a new link up that's perfect for me since I seem to always be up to my eyeballs in books when I'm not attached to my laptop.

Since it's "What We're Reading Wednesday" and not what I'm reading, I'll give you the run down on what the girls are reading or trying to avoid reading, too.

I'm reading an advance copy of Lino Rulli's new book, Saint.  It's a funny book that picks up where his other book, Sinner leaves off.  This time, instead of detailing what a sinner he is, he's putting forth his case for why he should be canonized.  I'm throughly enjoying the book.  It's certainly one to add to your Amazon wish list.  You do have an Amazon wish list, don't you?  How else will you remember what you want to read?  Also, if you don't have an Amazon wish list people won't know what to buy you for your birthday or Christmas.  Having the list certainly helps cut down on creative gifts like crocheted toilet paper cozies.  I can tell you that I haven't gotten anything like that since I created a list ages ago.

Katie has been having me read the same two books to her over and over for the past several months.  She's in love with Tomie DePaola's The Clown of God and Pascual and the Kitchen Angels.   Can I tell you that I sobbed as I read The Clown of God to her the first few times.  I thought it was the book version of the movie Up! (Just thinking about that movie can make me cry.)  Anyway, now I'm desensitized to The Clown of God and can read the book without feeling like I need to stop and cry for poor Giovanni.  And when I pick up Pascual and the Kitchen Angels I find myself wondering how I can get God to send me a kitchen angel.  Katie loves both books so much that they're already quite worn after having them for less than 6 months.  I think I'm going to have to order new copies soon.

Last week the price on the Read Aloud Book of Bible Stories dropped down enough on Amazon for me to buy it.  I wanted it so I could read it to my religious ed students during our circle time.  Katie saw the book and kept bringing it to me so I figured I'd read her a story and see if she was interested in it despite there not being many pictures in it.  She liked the book enough to bring it to me four more times for another story.  She happily sits and listens to me read the stories.  I hope the kids in my class like it as much as she does.  I think the stories are nicely done.  I suspect Katie and I will take a couple of weeks to read the whole book since I have to read The Clown of God and Pascual and the Kitchen Angels between each story.  Have I mentioned that I read those two books a lot?  I really need to get hard bound copies of those titles.

Ellie has been reading The Lemonade War for her summer reading.  I started off by having her read the book to me since it was supposed to be at a higher grade level but she had no issues with reading the book so now she's reading it on her own.  She seems to be enjoying the story.  She's also been reading me the stories in the Devotional Stories for Little Folks, Too book.  I love these stories.  They always have such great lessons.
Madeline is doing her best to avoid reading her summer reading book for school.  Together we went over the list of approved books on the summer reading list and we chose The Crossing: How George Washington Saved the American Revolution.  I think the book is pretty dry.  Having read loads of history text books for fun in the past I think I can say with certainty that this is probably one of the least exciting history book I've ever paged through.

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  1. I didn't know that Rulli wrote a book(s). I'll have to pick them up, to see if his writing voice is the same as his radio persona, which I always find to be a tad...condescending. It'll be interesting to get a fuller picture of the man.

    1. I've never actually listened to his radio show, but I didn't find either of his books to be condescending. It's certainly self-deprecating and a bit sarcastic at times. I found both Sinner and Saint to be quite funny. Sinner is not a book you want to read in a quiet doctor's waiting room if you don't want people staring at you as you laugh uncontrollably.

  2. I love it! First, I must get an Amazon wishlist, then I must get the Read Aloud Bible Stories, then I will have to check out The Lemonade War. I'm pretty sure my 10 year old boy would be interested in the George Washington book, he loves his non-fiction.

  3. The Read Aloud is just what I have been looking for, thanks!


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