Saturday, July 6, 2013

Simple Saturday

So the girls went on another ride where I was on the verge of freaking out as I watch my kids spinning around at warp speed.  Ok, maybe I played with the settings on my camera to make the ride look a smidge faster than it really was.  I don't recall the f-stop for this picture but it had the aperture set to 1/60.  I like playing with fast moving rides and the camera settings.  Would you believe both of the girls really liked this panic inducing ride?

When we went to the boardwalk Ellie was having a bit of a problem getting on rides for 48" and up at first.  So Madeline was a nice big sister and went on this exciting tug boat ride with her little sister.  Can you tell that Madeline felt a bit ridiculous on the kiddie ride?  Fortunately we were able to convince Ellie to stand tall when getting measured for all of the other rides and she was able to get on those 48" to ride attractions.
I'm still not sure I get the point of this hopping kangaroo ride, but the girls seem to have enjoyed it.  
I love this picture of Bryan and Katie walking along the path on our little beach walk.  I do miss living in my hometown and being able to go for walks on the beach whenever I feel like it.  Maybe someday we'll buy a summer house down there.

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