Friday, July 5, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Beach Blast

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This past weekend Madeline's soccer team participated in a fun soccer tournament called Beach Blast on my hometown island of Wildwood.  

On our way to our team's first game we walked the boardwalk with some of our friends.  One of the moms decided that we needed a picture of our pretty girls with the not so pretty soccer zombie ref.

On Saturday night Bryan and I took Katie for a walk on the beach.  She had a lot of fun running all over the place.  She doesn't seem to like having sand on her feet so she wouldn't let me take off her sandals.

While the big sisters played their soccer games the little sisters sat on the sidelines building sand castles. The girls had a lot of fun and I did my best not to think about the questionable materials of foam head wraps and bathing suit straps that Ellie found on the beach to use as sand castle decorations.

I'm not sure how Katie was comfortable sleeping like this.  Oddly enough we didn't realize that she was napping until we were ready to take her out of the stroller.  Not wanting to disturb her we abandoned our plans of not letting the stroller touch the sand.


These are just a few of the pictures I have of Madeline in action on the soccer field.  Most of our pictures from the first game have the oh-so-classy port a potty area in the background.   And then when I got to the second game and pulled out my camera to take pictures I discovered that I left the battery in the charger back at the apartment where we were staying.  Arrgh!  I was really annoyed with myself.  On Sunday morning I made sure I had the battery and memory card in the camera before we left for the game.  I wasn't waking up super early for an 8am game and not getting pictures!

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