Friday, June 7, 2013

Quick Takes Volume 71

Life has been pretty busy lately and that translates into the blog not having much content.  I'm working on a plan to remedy that.  I feel like there aren't enough hours in a day to accomplish all of the things I'd like to do.
In exactly one month the craziness of VBS week will have begun.  Right now I'm in the middle of taking care of lots of VBS related stuff.  I thought I'd be able to relax a bit once I had all of the registration stuff out of the way, but the reality is there's still a lot of work to be done.  I just need a few hours to work on everything free of distractions.  The cynic in me is wishing me good luck with that.
School is almost out!  Ellie has seven more days of school and Madeline has eight.  I'm looking forward to the summer, but I'm not necessarily looking forward to the bickering.  The girls have been warned that bickering could lead to sharing a room for the remainder of the summer.  Hopefully that will keep the bickering in check.
Since today is the solemnity of the Sacred Heart I plan on making a cookie cake decorated with the Sacred Heart.  Maybe Ellie will help me with the decorating when she gets home from school since she has a half day.

Katie has expanded her Disney Movie viewing to include Monsters Inc.   For the past month or two she has been fixated on Wreck and Ralph and Tangled.  One of the girls put Monsters Inc.on for her last week and she was happy to sit and watch it.  There have been a few other Disney movies that she wants no part of, so we're happy that she likes this one.  I think we were all on the verge of going crazy if we had to continue to watch Ralph and Tangled on a daily basis.

Spring basketball for Ellie is almost over.  We're not sure if she's going to play basketball in the winter or not.  She has some games where she's getting into playing the game but most of the games she seems like she's out of her element.  We'll have to see how she feels about the sport in the fall.  I suppose if she practices over the summer and plays with some of the kids on our street she might get better, but right now it's not looking like basketball is her sport.  I am amazed at how well some of these seven and eight year old kids play.
I had my moment of sun stupidity this Sunday when we went in the pool for the first time this year.  For some reason I thought it was after 2PM when we went outside so I sat out in my little raft with my bright white legs exposed to the burning hot late noon sun. As soon as I came in the house I realized that my legs had quite a bad burn.  My arms and face were just fine since I sit out on the deck most afternoons and read for a little bit.  I'm so used to going outside and sitting in the sun for a bit that I didn't even think about the possibility that my legs might turn lobster red.  Fortunately I was able to wear skirts most of the week to keep from having to stuff my burnt legs into pants.  That would have been bad.

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