Monday, September 26, 2011

Rantings of a Still Pregnant Me

It's official:  I am the most pregnant I've ever been.  I'm now at 38 weeks 1 day so I can't say that all of my babies come at 38 weeks on the nose.  Sigh.

I've reached a point where I tired of being asked when I think I'll have the baby or if I've had the baby yet.  Yes, people actually ask me while they're standing in front of me if I've had the baby yet.  Wouldn't I have a belly that's a little less round if I had already delivered?  If I walk outside and any of the neighbors are out I get questioned.  And the phone?  Well that's ringing off the hook these days with people calling to ask me if I've had the baby or am I in labor yet.  The best, of course, is when people ask me when I think I'm going to have the baby.  At this point, I'm leaning towards never.  I'm fairly certain that she has no intentions of coming out.

Bryan's nervous Nelly demeanor has been turned way up.  As if dragging me to the hospital on Thursday night when I didn't think I was having nearly enough pain for the contractions to do anything, he's now sitting on pins and needles waiting for me to go into labor.  He agonized last night over whether or not he should go into the office today.  Then he decided to wake up at 5:45AM, head into the  office and come home early.  So the alarm went off, woke me up and disturbed my much needed/wanted rest.  When I got up at 7AM I discover Bryan standing in the kitchen.  He got nervous about leaving me and decided to work from home instead.  Had I known this I might have been able to sleep in this morning.  I'm beginning to suspect that he will be working from home until the baby is born.

The house I worked hard to clean and put in order over the last couple of weeks has reverted to a mess.  I'm not sure what happened, but no one besides me seems interested in picking up after themselves.  I'm sort of at a point where I'm not willing to go into labor unless this house is clean.

Our new shower which was working nicely early last week began to leak a few days after it was completed.  The drain skipped a thread or something and Bryan had to repair it again.  It seems that the drain and the fittings for this drain are always a problem when it comes to this particular shower.  All Bryan and I want is to have our shower back so we don't have to use the girls' bathroom.

Oh, and the rest I'm craving?  I'm not getting that at all since people won't stop calling me to ask how I am or when I think I'm going to have the baby.  At this rate, I'm not going to have her until I get enough sleep to make it through a middle of the night labor and have a clean house.

Rant over.

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