Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick Takes Volume 14

Hurricane Irene turned out to be less destructive than originally anticipated, so we're happy that the only real damage we sustained was toppled tomato and basil plants.  We also discovered a wasp nest in one of the play houses during our preparation for the storm.  While shopping for essentials necessary for a weekend stuck at home, I became very aware that we really should make sure we're stocked up on things like batteries.  Since we're going to have a baby in the house very soon I think it would be wise to have a good supply of D and AA batteries for all the toys and baby equipment that will require them.
I've had a headache that won't go away since last Friday or Saturday.  I think it initially was related to the storm, but now I'm thinking it may be seasonal allergies that are to blame.  After a few days of forgetting to call the doctor's office, I remembered this morning and got reassurance that taking Claritin while pregnant is OK.  Too bad ours expired back in December.  Now I need to remember to buy it when I go to the store.
Our search for a car that will fit all three kids in the backseat is over.  On Monday we visited the Subaru dealership and decided that the Outback was a car that would not only work for us, but would make Bryan happy.  The yellow Ford Mustang that has been Bryan's baby for nearly the past six years was traded in.  I think it was a pretty bittersweet moment for Bryan, but he is very happy with his new car.  I'm happy with the car, too.  For the first time in over nine and half years we have a second car that I can actually drive.  Shortly after Madeline was born Bryan's car, which was an automatic, died and he replaced it with a manual.  Since then we've only owned one vehicle which I could drive.  Since Bryan works from home a couple days a week I can add a little variety to my driving experience on those days and take his car.  It's the little things that make me happy.
I think I'm pretty well stocked on 0-3 month sized clothes for the baby for any kind of weather.  Between the new clothes my parents and I brought for the baby and the hand me downs we were given by two other families, I'd say this little one is set.  I was so excited to find a pair of knit pants in a bag of hand me downs that will go perfectly with a onesie that I found on clearance a few months back.
School orientations for both girls went well this week.  It appears that they both have decent teachers.  We're almost prepared for school to start next Thursday.  I have a few more school supplies to pick up and we'll be ready.  I also need to get the girls outfits for their first day of school.  I'm really slacking in that department.
I have fallen into the realm of customer service hell.  I've had to deal with horrible customer service from Summer Infant and in the past week and a half.  Both experiences left me wanting to scream.  Then on Friday, we had to contact another company regarding a bark collar that we got for Oscar that wouldn't function right out of the box.   Today was a little better when I had to contact Avent about an electric steam sterilizer that stopped working after one use.  They were very good about replacing the item.  I'm just annoyed that I'll have to wait another week or two before I can write up my product review of the sterilizer for the Amazon Vine program.  On the bright side, I got it for free.  I think that contributes to me feeling less annoyed by the situation.  I'd like to go one week with no defective products.
Soccer on Saturdays is about to become a reality in our house for the next three months starting tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to December when our Saturdays will be free again.

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