Friday, September 23, 2011

Quick Takes Volume 15

After nearly a week of frantically cleaning the house in preparation for the baby's arrival, I have successfully worn myself out.
I have come to the conclusion that our elementary school likes to target children who attended private schools previously for basic skills instruction.  Earlier this week we got a letter telling us that Ellie needed BSI for math and language arts.  I don't think they liked it very much when I wrote them a letter and explained to them why my child who attended a school with an accelerated math program and stronger reading program does not and will not be placed in their BSI classes.  After speaking with the one BSI instructor my blood was at it's boiling point.  Sorry, but my kid can read well, and she not only did over 5 months of 1st grade math in kindergarten last year, but she has also been working her way through Seton's 1st grade math book since early June with absolutely no problems.  It's stuff like this that drives me insane and makes me wish we had gone through with homeschooling for this year.
My hands and feet are swollen and puffy.  Of course, convincing people of this hasn't been easy.  Bryan can see that my feet look swollen, but nurses and midwives look at my feet and tell me they don't look swollen at all compared to other pregnant women.  Sorry that I'm not as swollen as they are, but I'm also don't look as pregnant as they do either.
On Monday I went and saw a hand specialist about the mutant mystery lump that developed on my right thumb.  The lump has been causing me joint pain.  The doctor figured it was either a cyst or a benign lump.  He took a crack at trying to aspirate the lump banking on it being a cyst.  At first it seemed like the aspiration was a success but after the first day the lump has gotten bigger.  Not sure if it's just a lump that's now swollen or if it's a cyst that has decided to grow more.  Either way, my Quasimoto thumb is being stubborn.
Madeline is going to learn how to play the flute at school.  I'm very happy that she's picking up an instrument that I loved playing when I was her age.  The flute I learned on isn't exactly well tuned, and I wasn't comfortable handing my nice silver plated flute over to her.  I found her a very affordable silver plated flute that not only got here in two days, but also plays very nicely.  She's very excited to have a flute of her own.  I hope that she sticks with it.  We had her pay for half of it with some of her birthday money to ensure that she doesn't just abandon it.
I'd say Bryan is pretty anxious about me going into labor.  Last night he was getting very concerned that I was having contractions every 2 1/2 minutes.  I was fairly certain that they weren't doing anything, but he wasn't comfortable with how close and consistent they were.   So we wound up at the hospital last night for a couple of hours.  While there, I barely progressed and was given the option to go home which I happily took.  He was so hopeful that we'd have the baby yesterday after the midwife stripped my membranes at my appointment.  I had told him going into the appointment that I was doubtful that it would work.  It just didn't have the feeling that yesterday was the day.
I'm trying to spend the day simply relaxing on the couch with my laptop.  Since I seldom just sit still during the day this is not the easiest thing for me to do.  I am at least getting some things accomplished.  I've written three book reviews (one has yet to be posted), and I've updated the blog's FB page.  And, of course, I've managed to do a little blogging.

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