Thursday, July 28, 2011

Small Successes-July 28th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

First off, so I don't feel like a total loser with my current book giveaway, please check out the Imagination Station book giveaway that I'm hosting this week.  So far no one has entered so you have a really good chance of winning these books for the young reader in your life.  The books are a lot like the Magic Tree House series and I think the story line is pretty good.

1. The large pile of ironing I had to do is finished. The laundry is also nearing that same point.

2. I am closer to having all the baby gear I will need for the new baby thanks to friends who gave us some hand-me-downs and the Target baby gear clearance.  A few days ago I discovered that the particle board bottom of our adorable ten year old bassinet was once again terribly bowed.  When I got it back from a friend a couple months ago I did what I could to flatten it and I thought I had fixed the problem.  After six weeks of sitting with nothing in it, the base was worse than ever.  A quick call to the manufacturer confirmed that it was unsafe to use it in its present condition and worse, they can't order a replacement part for approximately 6 weeks.  Ugh! I can't bank on being able to get a replacement part in time for the baby's arrival so I had to seek out an alternate plan.  Thanks to the awesome baby gear clearance sale at Target, I managed to get a cute basic Graco Playard that will look nice in my family room for $35!  I'll be able to use the not as cute monkey print Graco Playard that I got at last year's Target baby clearance for $36 as the baby's bassinet in our bedroom when she's a newborn and then later it will be the playard for my mom's house.  I even scored a Fisher price bouncer seat for $16.  I left Target one happy mommy on Tuesday morning.

3. After dragging my feet a bit, I finally got around to sanding the three wooden crates I brought to replace the ones I'm taking from Ellie and the family room for the baby's room.  About six and a half years ago I hand sanded five wooden crates and stained them to match the nursery furniture.  I used two for toys and three for under the crib storage.  This time around I just need the three for under the crib storage but all of the crates are in use at the moment.  I decided to take the electric sander to the crates yesterday afternoon and just get the job done.  Now I need to paint two of the crates white for Ellie's room and stain another one to match our family room entertainment center.  I'll also need to hit the fabric store to get just the right prints for the crate liners.


  1. I love Target. I used to work there until the store moved its location further from our home.

    Great job on the ironing! Ironing is a task I try to avoid if at all possible.

  2. I love Target too! It always makes me happy to go there :) And what great finds.
    Way to go ironing and sanding. I love how accomplished I feel just getting stuff like that out of the way.

    I'm off to check out your give-away now :)


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