Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Prayers Please

A friend of mine just sent me a message on facebook letting me know that the son of Madeline's old dance teacher drowned this past Saturday.  Her little boy shared Madeline's birthday and was just two months younger than Ellie.  I'm in total shock that this poor child's life was snuffed out so soon.  I have strong feelings about accidental drownings in pools which I will refrain from going into at this time.  Reading the news article that Bryan was able to find for me made me feel sick, angry and incredibly sad.

Please pray for Brad, his parents and his older sister Melani.


  1. WOW. So sad. This almost happened to Lovely last summer. She was literally NEXT to me, and in between 3 other adults (!!!), and we ALL thought she was just underwater looking with her goggles. It took me a second to realize she was drowning NEXT TO ME because I did not recognize the signs of real drowning (so NOT what TV/movies show. It is a silent, still struggle). When I grabbed her she was bawling after she caught her breath. I've been meaning to post a link for parents to see the true signs of drowning and how fast it can happen.

    Praying for this poor family. I pray they don't blame themselves and play the "what if" game forever. It could tear their family even further apart.

  2. We had a similar situation with Ellie two summers ago. She took her swimmies off was "done" swimming. Then she decided she was going to hop on the new alligator float we had only she missed and fell in the pool. I was talking to our neighbor who was in the pool with me and I didn't see her on the other side of the float struggling to keep herself above the water. It was only because I saw a couple of random splashes that I moved the raft. Ellie was terrified and desperately trying to get her head above the water. If I hadn't moved the raft I suspect the outcome to the story would have been very grim.


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