Sunday, March 27, 2011

Princess Green Goblin Monsters

What happens when you ask four and five year old what they'd like to call their soccer team and you have a coach who's completely open to suggestions?  You get a team name that's rather unique.  Bryan, not wanting to impose a name on his co-ed soccer team for four and five year olds asked the kids what they thought their team should be called.

The kids wear a green uniform shirt, so it was no surprise that the word green made it into their name.  I was a little surprised that the name incorporated not only goblin monsters, but also princesses.  And the best part is that all of the kids, even the boys, were ok with being the Princess Green Goblin Monsters.

I was at Madeline's soccer game when Ellie's team was playing so I missed out on the fun of naming the team.  Bryan tells me the parents found the team name to be rather funny and the kids were happy with their name.

I can't wait until I get to go and cheer on the Princess Green Goblin Monsters.

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