Friday, March 11, 2011

Blessed Trinity Shamrock Craft

With St. Patrick's day less than a week away, I decided that I'd actually document a craft that I'd been thinking about doing since last year.  Once again, it's a very inexpensive craft that simply requires scissors, construction paper, two popsicle sticks and glue.

To start, glue two popsicle sticks together to form a cross.  Yes the cross beam will be too big, but it's OK.  (If I can quiet the neurotic perfectionist within so can you.)  If you want to be fancy, you can paint or color the sticks green.  I used a marker to color mine, but going forward, I will paint them or buy them pre-stained.

Next you'll need to take a piece of green construction paper and fold it in four.  Cut out three individual hearts that are the same size.

Then you'll need to cut out the symbols for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  I cut a smaller red heart for the Father, a yellow cross for the Son, and a white dove for the Holy Spirit.  See the photo below to see how I made the dove by folding the paper in half and drawing one side of the dove.  Once it's cut you'll have a dove.

Glue the three green hearts together to form a shamrock shape and attach the heart, cross and dove cut outs to the leaves (one symbol per leaf).  Then glue the popsicle stick cross to the back of the shamrock.
On the top leaf of the reverse side of the shamrock I wrote: Father, Son and Holy Spirit: The Blessed Trinity

This craft is very simple to make and children who are old enough to use scissors will be able to cut out the big green hearts.  Younger children will likely need help with cutting the symbols for the leaves.  For my kindergarten religious education class I will glue the sticks together and cut out the symbols before hand to save time.


  1. Too cute! I wanted to do something like this, but I've been having the hardest time coming up with a symbol for "The Father". I was thinking about a googly eye for the "all seeing eye" but your heart idea is definitely less creepy. Lol! Thanks for linking. :-)

  2. Hi Karen,

    Followed the Catholic Icing link here. Was thrilled to see your idea because I've been looking for a shamrock craft that reinforces the concept of Trinity to use with my daughter next week. This is perfect! Thank you for sharing it.


  3. Oh, what a neat craft...I would love if you would share this in my St. Patricks Day Blessing linky party:

  4. This is awesome Karen. thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us. Easy and cute!
    Children's Ministry Magazine

  6. Excellent CRAFT, Lacy!! I purchased your book and am using it in our co-op! I'm absolutely LOVING it & so are the kids!!! (:

    Thank you for sharing the talent God has given you with those of us who weren't blessed with the gift of "craftiness!" :)

  7. Thank you for sharing this craft! It is lovely and simple, I am a teacher and would like to use this craft in one of my lessons coming up to St. Patrick's day. Could you please explain to me the reasons for each of these symbols, so I can explain to them. Thanks :)

    1. Hi Kathy, The heart is for God, the Father. This reminds us that God loves us. The cross is for God, the Son. This is a reminder that Jesus died for us on the cross. And the dove represents God, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is often represented as a dove since He appeared as such when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River.

  8. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  9. Oh my goodness - this was so perfect for my 3 year old to do AND enjoy! I featured a link to this page on my recent blog post about St. Patrick's Feast Day as well:

    Sarah of TwoOsPlusMore


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