Friday, August 27, 2010

CSN Product Review

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to choose a product from one of CSN's 200+ web stores and write a review.  Selecting an item was no small feat.  They have practically everything you can think of in their many web stores.  After putting plenty of thought into what I could possibly use, I decided to add a piece of cookware to my currently overworked pots.  I was delighted when I discovered that carried pieces from the same line of Emerilware pots and pans we purchased nearly two years ago.  I selected the Emerilware Stainless 4 quart Sauce pan with pouring spout and lid to review.

In the time since I purchased our original Emerilware set of pots and pans I have been very happy with them.  They're dishwasher safe, which wasn't the case with the hard anodized cookware that I accidently ruined in the dishwasher prior to buying my current set.  Since they're stainless steel, I don't need to worry about any non-stick coating flaking off and getting into our food (I've had this happen in the past with other cookware.).  Since I've been so happy with the Emerilware cookware, I was fairly certain that I'd be just as happy with the 4 quart sauce pan.  It turns out that my assumption was correct.  This pot is awesome.  For the past two weeks I've used it many times to cook pasta.  Thanks to the pouring spout and thoughtfully designed lid that has two sets of straining holes (one big and one small) I have been able to eliminate the need for a colander when making pasta dishes for my family.  Anything that saves me the trouble of loading another item into the dishwasher gets my seal of approval.

I'm a comparison shopper by nature so before coming to my final decision on whether or not to select this sauce pan, I shopped around on line to see what CSN's competitors were charging for this same piece.  In many cases their price was the same or lower than their competition.  I also liked that they were offering free shipping on this item as well.  Not all of their competitors were offering to ship this heavy sauce pan for free.

Free shipping is all fine and well, but I was preparing myself for super slow shipping since I find that's generally the case when places offer free shipping.  Much to my surprise the order that I placed on a Friday afternoon arrived four days later.  Fast delivery times always make me happy.  I liked that the product came nicely packed.

Over all, I am pleased with the sauce pan and found shopping with CSN to be a snap.  From check out to delivery everything went smoothly.

For the purpose of this review I was provided with a $60 gift card to use towards a product of my choice. The item I selected was $69.99 and I paid the difference.  This review reflects my honest opinion of the product and my shopping experience with CSN stores.

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