Thursday, August 5, 2010

CSN Product Review Coming Soon!

I was recently contacted by a representative from CSN and asked if I'd be interested in doing a product review on my blog.  Since I'm always game for writing up a review I decided to take advantage of this fun opportunity.  The dilemma, of course, is deciding just what I should review.

If you aren't already familiar with CSN, let me tell you about them.  They're a company that boasts over 200 websites filled with shopping.  They have everything over there from dining room furniture, to gardening, to pets and baby CSN stores have got it all covered.  Bargain hunters like myself will appreciate that CSN even has a clearance center.

Stay tuned to find out what product I decide to review.  Maybe I'll pick a new car that I can drive around in when the girls are at school all day since the Swagger Wagon will be a little large for just me.  Or maybe I'll decide to swap out my mail box and get one that looks like a little house.  The mail person will probably appreciate that it matches the color scheme of my home, don't you think?

Anyone have any suggestions for what I should review? Should I check out some toy or something for the kitchen?

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