Thursday, October 13, 2011

Small Successes-October 13th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. I organized the coloring book bin that we have in the pantry yesterday.  It's really not anything special to write about, but the papers that had been hanging out of it for quite some time were driving me crazy.  So I pulled it out, weeded out all the old school work and drawings and neatly replaced the items that belong in the bin.  That part of the pantry looks a lot nicer now and I don't have to cringe anymore.

2. A few days ago I swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors.  It's so nice to have clean floors.

3. I've been very good about staying on top of the laundry.  I have pretty much no backlog to speak of at the moment.  I'm trying to keep it that way so I don't come home from the hospital and find a mountain of laundry.  Of course, if this baby never decides to come this won't be an issue.

4. Obviously my fail of the week was going into labor.  How I'm 40 1/2 weeks pregnant is beyond me.  I was successful in not having a baby on my brother in law's birthday (something my husband did not want to have happen) so there was a success to be had after all.  My hunch is that this baby may come on the 14th.  My reasoning is simply that Madeline was born on the 12th, Ellie was the 13th, so why shouldn't this little one keep up the day of the month sequence and be born on the 14th?  Makes perfect sense, right? (Don't judge the overly pregnant lady for her incredibly odd logic.  Just smile and nod.  You can talk about me later, ok?)

5. I almost forgot.  I wrote up two book reviews for the blog and a product review on Amazon Vine.  I even reviewed the plumber who came out and did some work on our house yesterday.  Look at that, four reviews in one day and I did it all with my big meaty claws very swollen hands.

6. I did a very good job of not freaking out on the phone with the middle school principal over an incident on the bus yesterday that involved a kid carelessly but accidentally whacking Madeline in the face with an umbrella that he was swinging around.  She wound up with a small cut about 1/4 of an inch from her eye and very bent glasses.  I'm very happy that the metal didn't go into her eye.  We're hoping the administration will move this child to a different seat on the bus.  The other child who sits next to him (it's a three seat bench) has had issues with this kid doing things and they weren't willing to do anything. I got the impression from talking with the principal that this child will likely be moved to a new location because of this incident.

7. It's not really my success, unless you count nagging my husband to call the plumber, but our shower is now operational.  Turns out that a couple years ago when the second shower stall went in to replace the first leaky one, my father-in-law installed a cracked drain pipe that was the wrong type of piping for what he was connecting it to, and it was put in crooked.  So that's why both replacement showers that we have installed have resulted in a leak.  So our nice new shower is now leak free.  The plumber complimented Bryan on his good installation job of the shower floor and walls, and he also let us know that the shower we picked out is a very good one that shouldn't give us any problems like the last one did--you know cracking under the weight of a person who's 130lbs.  I'm happy that my research in the area of the shower resulted in a good pick.


  1. Wow, it sounds like quite a week! I'm glad Madeline is ok. And I'm praying for an easy labor and delivery - and soon :)

  2. I agree w/ have had quite a week! Love your logic on when your little one will arrive!


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